"Daddy, what's a Koopa?"

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"Would you mind being a bit more specific?"

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“Yeah, that's right, Bro! Get 'em! Show those monsters who's boss!”
―Luigi to Mario Issue 1

Luigi is Mario's younger brother and secondary protagonist of the Mario series.

Onward to AdventureEdit

Of Princesses and PlumbersEdit

Luigi and his older brother Mario had been asked to fix the plumbing at Peach's Castle. Upon arrival, Luigi wasn't sure if they could finish by the time the party started that night. In fact, he had lunch while Mario did most of the work. Mario activated the Master Control Valve, and he and Luigi soon found themselves surrounded by enemies. Luigi cheered Mario on as he battled the enemies, but Luigi was soon cornered by another group of enemies. Mario noticed, and kicked a Koopa shell in his direction. Luigi bravely kicked it into the enemies, scoring a 1-up. Shortly after, Mario and Luigi had realized that Koopas were among the enemies they fought, and that they had been banned from the Mushroom Kingdom years ago. Suddenly, a Fighter Fly flew out of hiding. Mario grabbed it, and was soon whisked out of the basement.

Later, Luigi noticed a lot of commotion outside, and raced to the throne room to tell everyone about it. He and everyone else ran outside, and saw at least nine airships. Bowser manned the front airship.

Hostile TakeoverEdit

A Paratroopa flew down to Peach, and when she chose to be kidnapped rather to have the kingdom destroyed, Luigi and everyone else but Toadsworth were shocked. As the princess left, Luigi admired her bravery. Suddenly, Kamek arrived and threatened to imprison everyone. That was when Mario threw a wrench at Kamek, and Luigi gave Mario a compliment for that. Kamek gave his army a command: take Mario and his friends.

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  • For the billionth time, Mario, you look fine.
  • Why are you getting so worked up about your looks, anyway? We're gonna fix pipes, not model on the runway.
  • So, in other words, you're trying to impress the princess?
  • Ha! You totally are!
  • You clog 'em, we clear 'em!™
  • Don't sweat it, sir!
  • Hoo boy...
  • Um... on second thought sir, I'm not so sure we'll be able to-
  • Y-Yeah, it's just, whenever Mario gets like this, there's no stopping him.
  • ACK! M-Monsters!
  • What are we gonna do?
  • Yeah, that's right, Bro! Get 'em! Show those monsters who's boss!
  • The monsters were probably seeking shelter, went down into the sewers, and accidentally stumbled across the pipes leading to here. What's so weird about that?
  • Hmmm. Sidesteppers, Fighter Flies, Buzzy Beetles, Spinies.... Koopas! They've been exiled from the Mushroom Kingdom for years! They shouldn't be anywhere near here!
  • Catch him! Maybe he can give us some answers!
  • Hang on to him, Bro! Don't let go!
  • Everyone, come quick! Something's going on outside!
  • It's a trap!
  • Wow. The princess sure is brave...
  • OH, NO!... Who's Kamek...?
  • Nice shot!