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Toad Guards are Peach's royal bodyguards.

Onward to AdventureEdit

Of Princesses and PlumbersEdit

Princess Peach had assigned several Toad Guards to set up her party. As this was going on, Mario and Luigi were in the basement fixing the castle's plumbing. Suddenly, Mario, holding on to a Fighter Fly, flew through the preparations and into the throne room. Toad ordered that he be pursued, and he and the rest of the Toad Guards ran into the throne room. After Mario told the princess about the presence of Koopas in the basement, the ground rumbled, and everyone, including the Toad Guards, ran outside to see Bowser in his airship.

Hostile TakeoverEdit

The Toad Guards were present as Paratroopa kidnapped Peach, and Kamek appeared and summoned an army to capture them. The Toad Guards, Mario, Luigi, and Toad banded together to counter Kamek's army.

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The Toad Guards are Peach's royal bodyguards. Toad is the captain of the Toad Guards.