"Daddy, what's a Koopa?"

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"Who goes there?"

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“Oh, thank goodness! You're finally here! Quickly, come with me!”
―Toadsworth Issue 1

Toadsworth is an elderly Toad and Peach's advisor.

Early HistoryEdit

All that is known of Toadsworth's early history is that the young Princess Peach overheard him telling the other Toads how he didn't like Koopas, and that they were "no good".

Onward to AdventureEdit

Of Princesses and PlumbersEdit

Princess Peach had asked the Mario Bros. to fix the plumbing at the castle. When Mario and Luigi arrived, Toadsworth took them to the basement, informing them to finish by the time Peach's party started that night. After this, Toadsworth left them to the job and went up to the throne room.

Later, as Toadsworth was in the throne room with the princess, the door burst open, and a Fighter Fly flew into the room, with Mario holding onto it. After Peach swatted the Fighter Fly, helped Mario up, and told Toad to stand down after accosting Mario, Toadsworth and Peach asked Mario about his whereabouts. Mario told them that he had battled monsters, such as Koopas. The news about the Koopas shocked them, and they concluded that Bowser was returning. The ground began to shake, and Luigi told everyone that something was going on outside. Everyone ran outside, and sure enough, Bowser had returned.

Hostile TakeoverEdit

A Paratroopa flew down from Bowser's airship and gave Peach a choice: come with him to Bowser, or have the kingdom destroyed. When she chose the first choice, everyone but Toadsworth were shocked. Toad tried to hold her back, but gave up and asked Toadsworth to back him up. Toadsworth instead told the princess to be careful before she was carried away.

As Luigi was admiring Peach's bravery, Toad was mad that Toadsworth didn't back him up. Toadsworth told Toad that she wouldn't have listened to him, and that they needed to respect her choice. Suddenly, Kamek arrived, and Toadsworth watched as he summoned an army and prepared to attack.

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  • Who goes there?
  • Oh, thank goodness! You're finally here! Quickly, come with me!
  • The castle's plumbing is in shambles, and the princess's party is tonight!
  • Most excellent! So, I can expect the job to be done on time then?
  • Oh, pish-posh, lad. That man's no assassin. He's a plumber. He came to fix the castle's piping problem. I can vouch for him. I'm sure he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this.
  • So, Master Mario, what is this all about, exactly, hm?
  • Stars preserve us!
  • Princess, if what Master Mario says is true, then that means You-Know-Who might be up to something.
  • What in blazes was that?!
  • By the Star Spirits... It really is him. He's returned!
  • Be careful, Princess.
  • No, she wouldn't have. I saw it in her eyes. Her mind was made up. As the kingdom's ruler, she chose what she felt was best for it. And, as her retainers, it is our duty to support her in that choice. Do you understand, lad?